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World Economic Journal is an international publication on trends in the world economy, the situation in emerging markets, investment opportunities and risks.
First appearing in print in 2009, World Economic Journal’s international experts conduct in-depth macro-economic research and provide analysis, forecasts and evaluations of various world markets. It’s trusted monthly advice from established authorities at home and abroad.
World Economic Journal features engaging and interactive content from thousands of outlets and bureaus in the USA, EU, CIS countries and Russia. It also features unique charts and illustrations that bring concepts and trends to life, and it’s all designed to conveniently display on your iPad.
Unlike some magazines that concentrate only on developed countries, World Economic Journal covers both developed and developing economies, with a particular emphasis on BRICS and the CIS countries. It’s complete global coverage for a hyper-connected world.
World Economic Journal is renowned in the global economic community, and it is read and trusted by notable high-ranking government officials, owners and top managers of large companies, investors and economists.

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