WingChun Kung Fu-咏春拳

WingChun Kung Fu-咏春拳 很大的应用 qiang lan

发布日期 2 years ago 1.0.2 版本.
Wing Chun is a martial arts education program, any level users will find help. Veterans, beginners, even those who are interested in Wing Chun art form, will find a lot of useful knowledge in an hour of video, and found in the application of many pictures and text. This is a world famous master Yip Man works, it teaches Wing Chun traditional movements and skills. Stepwise decomposition of Wing Chun includes the efficient and useful technology basic principle, the collection, Nelsons head shape, and even have never seen the large wooden dummy training video. Each technology is thoroughly decomposed, leading you along the motion capture technology and the live action video, accompanied by thorough reviews, pictures and texts. Dont miss this opportunity to learn Wing Chun in the most convenient way from the palm of your hand!

[1] bilingual control
[2] graphic correspondence
[3] video teaching
[4] step by step to help you learn the Wing Chun