Theater On Ice

Theater On Ice 很大的应用 Rink Tank Interactive, LLC

发布日期 8 years ago 2.0 版本.
U.S. Figure Skating, the premier source for all things figure skating, has teamed up with Rink Tank Interactive to bring you the U.S. Figure Skating Skate Coach app series for iPhone & iPod Touch.

The Theater on Ice (TOI) 1-4 app is designed to introduce skaters to Theatre on Ice at a beginner level. This app incorporates the TOI elements of choreography, skating movements and the rapport between skaters and/or sub groups of skaters at an introductory level. Emphasis is on demonstration of the elements and control of the skating skills for the badge levels required.

The Skate Coach app series was designed to help skaters, parents, instructors and officials understand the standards set for the Basic Skills Program through the use of high definition video examples.

Whether in the comfort of your own home, traveling to the rink or during practice, you will always have a Skate Coach in your pocket!

DISCLAIMER: Participating in ice skating has inherent risks, but with good technique and sound equipment these risks are mitigated. While the Skate Coach app series provides examples of skills performed correctly, they are NOT meant to supplement professional skating instruction! Improper use of the Skate Coach apps could result in bodily harm! Please do not attempt these maneuvers while holding an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad on the ice. U.S. Figure Skating and Rink Tank Interactive are not responsible for injuries resulting from (direct or indirect) use of these apps.