PostureCHEKCKER - plus

PostureCHEKCKER - plus 很大的应用 Medic Engineering K.K.

发布日期 4 years ago 3.0.1 版本.
Would you like to check your posture ?
If the line which five points that are an ear, a shoulder, a hip, a knee and an ankle make is straight, your posture is very good !

Step1. Prepare a photograph of a whole body which took from horizontal direction.
Step2. Move the red marks to the positions shown below.
  ① ear (tragion)
  ② shoulder (acromion point)
  ③ hip (greater trochanter)
  ④ knee (back of kneepan)
  ⑤ ankle
Step3. Tap on calc., and then the results are displayed.
  - total angle:angle between blue line and perpendicular line
  - neck angle:angle between line(①-②) and perpendicular line
  - hip angle:180-∠②③④
  - knee angle:180-∠③④⑤

- "PostureChecker plus" has the camera with a spirit level. Therefore you can get a straight photograph.
- You can save the result as a JPEG format.

"PostureChecker plus" is not the one to diagnose any illness.