Plum - 一个超时髦的时尚闲置交换平台

Plum - 一个超时髦的时尚闲置交换平台 很大的应用 致美生活(北京)科技有限公司

发布日期 1 year ago 1.1.0 版本.
PLUM is a popular medium and high-end fashion second-hand trading platform in China, and is committed to the recycling of high-end fashion items.

The idleness of fashion resources is one of the urgent problems that modern women need to solve. A number of social surveys show that the utilization rate of womens wardrobes is only 30%. Since the official launch of Plum, it has accumulated millions of users, and the idle sales rate has reached 80%. It has liberated tens of thousands of sellers wardrobe, and has benefited the quality buyers, so that tens of thousands of high-quality idle goods can find new owners.

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MS Plum also want to long winded a few words: Plum will regularly update the application in App Store, it is recommended to open the iPhone mobile phone "Settings" - "iTunes Store App" and Store "- automatically download the project, to ensure that the first time experience better Plum!

[the important thing to say three times] Look here! Please look here! Please look here! If the system is unable to connect to the network version encountered iOS10 users, please go to "Settings" - "" - "the use of wireless LAN WLAN and cellular mobile applications", find the Plum App in the application list and open the wireless LAN and the cellular mobile data access; if you cant find Plum App, please re start the mobile phone according to the steps to solve.
 Plum - 一个超时髦的时尚闲置交换平台 下载从苹果 App Store

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Plum - 一个超时髦的时尚闲置交换平台