OLDV - Retro Video with BGMs

OLDV - Retro Video with BGMs 很大的应用 ThirtyFive Inc.

发布日期 2 years ago 3.6 版本.
Lets go back to the 80s!!
OLDV turns the video into a retro feel of the 80s.
Use your great skills to create a fantastic video with disco music!

"The OLDV app makes modern videos shot on smartphones look like theyre actually a 1980s television show." - TREND HUNTER

You can shoot 4 times, and the total shooting time is limited to 1 minute.
If you press the Glitch button during shooting, the cool effect will be applied.
Zooming in and out can make a strong effect.
You can also use the Snap button to take a picture.
You can change the background music in the settings. (More will be added)
If you want to take a new video, press the Reset button.

For questions, please contact [email protected]