LookUp: An elegant dictionary

LookUp: An elegant dictionary 很大的应用 Rajesh Bhargava

发布日期 5 years ago 4.0.4 版本.
Introducing LookUp: An Elegant Dictionary. The fastest way to search for a words meaning, on iOS and Apple Watch.

Learn a new word every day: With our beautifully illustrated word of the day posters, learning a new word every day is a fun experience!

Get More than Just Words and Meanings: LookUp allows you to quickly look for the meaning of a word, with its synonyms, etymology and wikipedia content in just one search.

A picture is worth more than a thousand words: Sometimes text isnt enough, our image results make it easier to grasp definitions.

Praise for LookUp:

"LookUp is far and away my favorite dictionary app I’ve used." - Macstories

"It doesnt feel like any other dictionary app for iPhone." - Beautiful Pixels

Webby Awards 2017 Honoree for Best UX in Mobile Apps

Featured in the Apple 20Under20 list of 2015

LookUp Requires Internet Connectivity to search for a word.
Words arent pronounced if your device is in silent mode.
The Look Around feature requires iOS 11 or above.