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JB4 Mobile 很大的应用 Donnie Wittbrodt

发布日期 5 years ago 2.3.1 版本.
Note that this app requires a custom Bluetooth Low Energy module and an iOS device that supports Bluetooth Low Energy (iPhone 4S and newer) to operate. Info on the module can be found here:


JB4 Mobile is a mobile data logger and display for use with the JB4 tuner from Burger Motorsports.

JB4 Mobile allows you to monitor multiple parameters of your JB4 equipped car at once. Parameters such as boost psi, rpm, fuel trims, air/fuel ratios, ignition advance, fuel pressure and much more are all available.

Data Monitoring
Data logging
Graphing of logged data
Email saved logs
Read/Delete codes
Modify boost/fuel mapping
Modify nitrous/methanol settings
Download and update JB4 firmware
Multiple gauge designs
G-Force Meter
GPS Speedometer

Demo Mode is available in the settings menu.

JB4 Mobile is not affiliated with Burger Motorsports.
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