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发布日期 7 years ago 4.0.2 版本.
Off key, off pitch, out of tune – whatever you call it, bad intonation can ruin any performance. That’s why we made InTune, the only app proven to improve your ability to play in tune. Download InTune to train your ear and make better music!

• Improve your ability to hear what’s in tune
• Add on studio-quality orchestral instrument sounds
• Based on 25 years of academic research
• Compete with your friends via Game Center
• Top 10 music app in 50 countries!

InTune began as a way for researchers to test pitch discrimination, the ability to differentiate pitches that are close together. But then researchers discovered that musicians improved the more often they played – 3x faster than those who didn’t. Download now and see if InTune works for you!

We’re always improving InTune and love hearing from users. Please send your comments and requests to [email protected]
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InTune – Intonation Trainer