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发布日期 2 years ago 5.0 版本.
Application Harmonica Tuner PRO (@harmonicatuner) fills the gap in the App Store for tunning sounds for harmonica players. The application has precise, simple and fast algorithm. Harmos: Key of C, A, D, G, E, F and possibility to define new one.

Numbers from 1 to 10 present holes for blowing or drawing. Row above with notes presents note for blow, and row below - note for draw.
Other notes are obtained via bending, overblow and overdraw etc.

@harmonicatuner works:
1. Listen to sounds and if there is a proper amplitude, the app shows frequency and note with number of octaves.
2. If the sound is harmonicas note, then the note lights in yellow, red or green color. It depends on accuracy of the sound.

@harmonicatuner is for users who play many different kind of harmonica (not only key of C). @harmonicatuner allows to define your own harmonica and setup value of parameters. In the @harmonicatuner you may define showing amplitude (amp), frequency (fre), notes (not) and accuracy from sound pattern (acc).
From 3.0 version you may edit and view defined harmos.

@harmonicatuner may record videos: sounds from the mic including screen; this video you may save and share.
You may save and share recordings with your friends or teacher.

Additional information about @harmonicatuner:
- http://www.teska.pl/home/harmonica/
- https://www.facebook.com/harmonicatuner/
- video describing features (419"): https://youtu.be/22odXEOlyAs
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