Handpan 2 (by Jacob Cole)

Handpan 2 (by Jacob Cole) 很大的应用 Jacob Cole

发布日期 3 years ago 1.0 版本.
Play an Echo Sound Sculpture, AsaChan; one of the best handpans in the world, used to create Jacob Coles debut album, Destiny. Use this app to play along with Destiny, availabe on iTunes now!

The handpan is a new generation of hand hammered steel instruments which came from the original inspiration called the Hang, invented in Switzerland in 2000. Handpans are now handmade all over the world, but they are still very new and rare. They are tuned in different scales and are great for meditation & yoga.

Echo Sound Sculpture, AsaChan SalaDin: D / G A C D Eb F# G A

Universal app for iPhone and iPad!
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Handpan (by Jacob Cole)
Handpan 2 (by Jacob Cole)