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发布日期 3 years ago 3.2.0 版本.
Gudak camera has the meaning of old old camera as originally meaning. I hope that in the digital age, which is accustomed to picking out tasteful pictures in many of the photographs taken, I will be able to bring back the thrill of collecting the moment and Gudak Moment.

Gudak can take 24 pictures per film, and if you use the film, you can charge/reshoot it in an hour, and you can check the all-shot film in three days.

Gudak 3.2 Update has added a self-camera feature that allows you to shoot with a front camera as Gudak feels.
Experience a new look of Gudak and a variety of emotional photos with front cameras as well as rear cameras. The theme will be updated further in the future.

The Lecoq film is only available in Korea.

Also, for those who feel that Gudak photos are dark, you can adjust the brightness of photos through the newly added ISO (based on world standard film sensitivity).

A Gudakbook icon has been added to make Gudak photos a real album. Try to experience the feeling of those days through Gudakbook like the excitement I felt when printing the film camera. You can apply for Gudakbook through the print icon on the Printed Envelope Check page.

[Explanation of Authority ]
Essential access authority
- Cameras: Camera access for photography
- Save: External Storage Read/Write permissions for photoshooting, storing, and bringing in

Selective access
* You can use the service without agreeing to access rights.
- Location: Location access to tag location information in pictures
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