Ghost Buddy 3D - SALE!

Ghost Buddy 3D - SALE! 很大的应用 Quinn Genzel

发布日期 11 years ago 2.5 版本.
The perfect game for a scary Halloween!!!

** Special limited-time sale! **
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Sure, apps like iDracula, Zombieville USA and Zombie Attack! are great *action* games, but wheres the horror? Wheres the creepy atmosphere? Wheres the true 3D gaming experience that the iPhone is capable of? Well, youve guessed it. Ghost Buddy has got it all!

Media reaction to this 3D interface and control platform:

"...the method of interaction is superbly unique."
"A fascinating twist on the old virtual reality concept and one that - now weve actually seen it - seems like an obvious use of the iPhones unique motion sensing system."
-- Pocket Gamer

"The innovation comes from the way you look around the 3D environment"
-- iPhone Games Network

" interesting look at where iPhone games could be heading in the future: augmented reality."
-- Slide to Play

Ghost Buddy is a 3D first-person simulation that casts you as a kind of ghost whisperer who has devoted himself to helping lead lost souls to their graves. You must first find and capture each good ghost, then return it to its properly named grave. There are, however, nasty red ghosts wandering around the cemetery as well -- avoid them, or protect yourself by zapping them away for a few seconds with your cross.

This game uses a unique, revolutionary means of control and play specially designed for the iPhone. Its like total 3D immersion virtual reality, but without the helmet or googles. The iPhone is used as a viewfinder into a virtual world that wraps completely around you. Aiming the phone downward shows you a virtual ground, while upward shows you tree tops and sky (and high-flying ghosts...). Tilting the iPhone 90 degrees left or right shows you a corresponding view to the right or left of your position in the graveyard. From there, you can also look up and down (but in landscape mode). Gravity in this virtual world corresponds with that in the real world. See for yourself just what the iPhone is capable of!

For fans of iDracula, Zombie Attack!, The Creeps!, Zombie Invasion, Zombieville U.S.A. and other horror-themed apps, youve gotta check this out. Also recommended for fans of 3D simulation apps like AlienMangle, Nanosaur 2 and Bugdom 2.