Dartfish EasyTag

Dartfish EasyTag 很大的应用 Dartfish

发布日期 9 years ago 2.1.1 版本.
With EasyTag, notational analysis comes to iOS. Start the timer at the beginning of the game then a fully customizable tagging panel is used to time-stamp the key performance indicators (KPI) of your sport and display instant statistics of their frequencies. EasyTag creates a .csv file which can be further analyzed by spreadsheet software or tagged events can be related to a video recording by import into Dartfish video analysis software (TeamPro and Connect+ editions).

EasyTag’s panel can contain from 9 to 30 buttons each of which can be set to time stamp a fixed, user-defined duration which allows a single button tap to record an event. Buttons can also be set to be open duration which is ideal for recording the length as well as frequency of phases of play. Buttons can be labelled and color-coded. Optionally, buttons can also display frequencies and have variable color-coding according to frequency; giving instant visual feedback on your KPI.

EasyTag works as a standalone app but is also designed to integrate with Dartfish Tagging. On the video simply find the moment where you started the timer, click Quick Import, select the game file then your tagged events will match the corresponding moment on the video. Now you can use Dartfish for editing, analysis and video presentations to your team. EasyTag complements Dartfish Tagging and is a great way of extending notational and video analysis to coaches on the edge of the playing area: With a quick tap the coach gains the power to pick out events for later review and the task of tagging can be contributed to and shared by the entire coaching team.

EasyTag tagging panels can be distributed to other EasyTag devices (both iOS and Android) and also to Dartfish software (version 6.0 or later).

Note: EasyTag cannot use tagging panels created by Dartfish software.

* Create custom panels with up to 30 buttons
* Color code buttons for easy identification
* Optional time stamping of fixed or open duration periods
* Pre-roll setting allows you to assess an event before deciding to tag it
* Statistics display and heat-map color coding
* Creates a CSV file which can be imported into other computer applications
* Dartfish Quick Import easily integrates your notational analysis with video.
* Panels can be shared with other EasyTag users on both iOS and Android devices.