Bing Search – images, news, videos, and trends on the web

Bing Search – images, news, videos, and trends on the web 很大的应用 Microsoft Corporation

发布日期 9 years ago 6.23 版本.
Just type, speak, or snap a photo to look things up quickly and easily with the Bing app. Search with Bing and earn free rewards that you can redeem for popular gift cards or donations to charity. Leave no trace of your search history by turning on Private mode.

Functional, fast, and private
• Swipe up on the homepage to see whats trending on the web and other useful information personalized for you with Bing Interests
• Search beyond the web and find what you need in your phone’s apps
• Swipe from the left to go back a step
• Conduct multiple searches without losing track of what you find with Recent tiles
• Toggle Private mode directly from the Recent tiles screen or the search box
• Translate entire web pages in Safari through the “share” button
• Share what you find with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, email, WhatsApp and more

Stunning images, every day
• Swipe left on the homepage to view previous images
• Save your favorite images to customize your phone’s wallpaper or lock screen

Your local search
• Explore shops, restaurants and more with helpful info like ratings and prices
• Get walking, driving, and transit directions with current traffic conditions

*Some features are not available in all countries.